Window Cleaning Services in Peppermint Grove

Window Cleaning Peppermint Grove


When it comes to window cleaning Peppermint Grove, you should call us first. We are expert Peppermint Grove window cleaners because of the following reasons:


We Know The Area


Peppermint Grove is one of the most sought after areas in Perth, where properties need specialist care. With the high value of local properties, care is of the utmost importance.

We recognise the pride that local residents have in their homes and businesses here, and with that in mind, we treat your property with the care it deserves.

Our local Peppermint Grove window cleaners are mess minimising experts. So, we won’t damage, soil, or destroy your treasured possessions. You can trust us , and we will reward that trust with a quality clean, that will make your property brighter and cleaner.




Whilst we have experience throughout the city, from Joondalup to Coogee, we have experience in high end properties, such as in this pristine suburb.

In addition, to location, our Peppermint Family Window Cleaners have tons of experience in cleaning every type of property. Whether you need a clean for a school, office, shop, home, or apartment, we have years of experience in catering for it, and you can trust us to do a professional, and efficient job!


Personal Touch


As a family team, Simply Window Cleaning offer a personal experience. Our husband and wife team of Peppermint Grove window cleaners can be sensitive to, and reactive to, any individual circumstances in your property. What do we mean?

Sarah, the wife of the team, can care for areas or situations where a woman’s touch is required. Whereas Lee, the husband, can do the heavy lifting required with a situation requiring a man’s abilities.

We recognise that in certain situations, a customer may need someone of the same gender, or someone who is sensitive to the individual needs of the client. So, we endeavour to make our Peppermint Grove Window Cleaning service a service that caters for just about any type of situation.