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Best Advice From Window Cleaning Coogee?

Window cleaning Coogee WA uses the best, and most effective equipment for every job and every need, so we would like to demonstrate to you how our professionals can provide great advice at washing your own windows.

When cleaning the windows at your property, the same premium window washing tools the pros utilise are easily available at most home centres, such as Bunnings and full-service hardware stores that you can use in this how-to tidy windows task that will make your windows look like the pros. The complete package of tools that you will need are affordable and will last may years, especially in a home situation. In addition to a 10- or 12-in. squeegee standard window washing devices consist of a scrubber, a container (a 5-gallon $1 bucket  will work), hand dishwashing liquid, and a few lint-free rags or medical cloths. Keep your squeegee fitted with a sharp, brand-new rubber blade. Purchase 2 or three to have on hand. The pros we talked with alter their squeegee blades as often as once a day. That’s because you just can’t do an excellent task if the edge of the blade becomes nicked, sliced or rounded over with usage. If your squeegee leaves streaks or simply isn’t carrying out like brand-new, don’t hesitate to replace the blade. Squeegee rubbers will last you a lot longer if you either change the side when it has been used for a while and, when you store it safely, with nothing touching the soft rubber. These are practices that your local Coogee window cleaners us.

Our squeegee approach is easy to master

The best job that you can do on your home windows is to simply add a couple of gallons of water and about a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in your the bucket of choice, and you’re pretty much ready for window washing. Some people might also decide to use vinegar in their water to clean windows. In warm weather conditions, you’ll be able to cover more glass by using cool water. However, sometimes, if you need to clean your windows in winter when cold weather is now upon you, you can add just a little anti-freeze to ensure that the water remains easy to remove. At window cleaning Coogee, the warm climate negates the need to use this practice, as even the coldest mornings are tempered by the nearby ocean

Scrubber or sponge? It depends on you. A scrubber works great and deserves buying if you have a lot of medium to big panes of glass. But a good-quality sponge is all you really require, particularly if many of your windowpanes are small.  The first thing that you should do is to dip your applicator(scrubber) in the bucket of water, then rinse out excess water. This will prevent large amounts of water from being spilled, taking the kind of care that our Coogee window cleaners use each day.  Another major concern is safety. Window cleaning Coogee tries to use water fed poles instead of ladders in order to prevent unnecessary danger, however, if you do choose to use a ladder, ensure that it is placed on level ground, and uses stabilizers on the legs.

Scrub the glass(Like our window cleaning Coogee service does!)

The primary step in the exterior window cleaning process is to scrub the glass, working at all angles to clean up the edges. Make sure to cover every square inch of the glass. This is the exact type of method that our local window cleaners at window cleaning Coogee WA use each time. We’re moving the squeegee horizontally across the glass, however, vertical strokes will work too. When moving the squeegee, it should be angled so that excess water ONLY  flows to the area that has not yet been cleaned.

Squeegee throughout the top


Press the squeegee blade against the glass in the upper corner and pull it gradually throughout the window Focus on keeping the top of the squeegee in contact with the leading edge of the window.

Go From Top To Bottom On The Window.


Of course, one step is not enough. The process will need to be repeated, but make sure you overlap the last movement by an inch or two. Pull the squeegee across the window at an angle to direct excess water down. Clean and duplicate.

Rub out excess water

The next step in exterior window cleansing is to utilize the rag in your pocket to clean up excess water along the bottom edge of the window. The next step is very important. Placing your finger in the middle of the rag, wipe around the frame of the window, ensuring that the edges that will likely have been missed, are completely dry. Rub out any streaks utilizing a clean location of the lint-free rag. Modification rags when you can’t discover any fresh, tidy areas.

It is also safe to use a  squeegee inside your house, too!

The pros at window cleaning Coogee do this all the time, and this even works with windows that are stained or varnished. When cleaning windows, the thing that our Coogee window cleaners consider extremely important is to ring out the applicator to ensure no spills or mess. Then rest the scrubber on the edge of the container instead of dropping it in the water after each window. Depending upon how filthy your windows are, you may have the ability to wash five or 10 windows before rinsing the scrubber. You should also have a reasonable dry lint-free cloth to ensure that the squeegee is fairly dry and dirt-free, and so that you can wipe up any spills on the wood. Use a different tidy rag to clean the border of the glass. Microfibre rags work fantastic for window cleansing. For Colonial style windows, utilize a sponge and a little squeegee. If you can’t find a little sufficient squeegee, you can cut off a bigger one to fit your glass size for a DIY window cleaner. Scrub the glass with a wrung out sponge. Then use the pointer of the squeegee to clear a narrow strip at the top. Pull the squeegee down and wipe the boundary.

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