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  • Our New East Fremantle Window Cleaning Customer, Only $120!
    2 December
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    Our New East Fremantle Window Cleaning Customer, Only $120!


    On a hot 35 degree Saturday in Perth, we, at Simply Window Cleaning had the privilege of servicing our new East Fremantle customer.

    The home that we serviced was over two levels, with paint spots needing removing. Since we had quoted a very cheap price, how could we do the job at the highest possible standard, whilst ensuring that we were adequately rewarded for our work?

    Pure Water Technology


    By thoroughly cleaning all upper windows with our pure water technology, we ensured that our East Fremantle window cleaning customer got a fantastic job, priced at only $120 for inside and outside cleaning. This enabled us to clean both inside and outside windows in under 2 hours. To compare, a home of this size, serviced by ladder would take approximately double that time to do the job expertly.

    The Result

    Our customer got a great job (see the photo). All paint was removed, and the windows shown. Our water purifier ensured that the window cleaning water fed pole used water that only contained 2 parts per million solids, thereby ensuring that no water spots were left on the glass!

    So, all in all, a great job, done with great results, all at a great price! If you need window cleaning in East Fremantle, or anywhere in the Perth Metro area, contact us today on 0420289546



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