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  • Isn’t Price The Most Important Thing?
    15 November
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    Isn’t Price The Most Important Thing?

    Deciding on a window cleaner is usually made solely on the basis of price, however this  can be  an expensive mistake. Why is that the case? Consider the following points: Inferior Service, Damage, Scratches on Windows and Tint affected mistakes

    1/ Inferior Service – Inexperienced window cleaners charge less and charge by the hour. However, due to inexperience, the job will often take at least twice as long.

    2/ Damage – If a window cleaner lacks experience and knowledge, they will often rush and not move furniture and other items away from the windows, potentially damaging your belongings

    3/ Scratched Windows – At Simply Window Cleaning we see the results of poor service, often which cannot be fixed. Does a cheaper cleaner know, for example, only to scrape forwards on the glass and the damage that results from not doing so?

    4/ Tint Errors – Pressing or rubbing on tint can lead to irreversible damage. Does your current cleaner know how to identify tinted windows and how to negotiate their sensitive composition?

    There is a saying that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Saving on a quote from a start up cleaner might seem to be great fiscal sense, but, please consider the cost of repairs before making a poor decision.

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