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  • Natural Floor Cleansers – Simply Window Cleaning
    4 August
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    Natural Floor Cleansers – Simply Window Cleaning

    For health conscious families, finding natural floor cleaning agents are a priority. Window Cleaning Perth will showcase a few solutions to make your floor cleaning simple and natural.
    As with all new things, it is better to do due diligence first to ensure the safety of your home and your family.
    Ok, now for the suggested recipes!:

    Natural Floor Cleaning – Window Cleaning Perth

    • Mix Baking Soda and Vinegar – The amounts will differ, however, the main thing is to ensure that the baking soda is completely dissolved. Bear in mind that using this on wooden floors is not advised, especially if left for any time.  In case of floors made of sensitive materials, use a soap solution instead of vinegar.
    • Mix Baking Soda, Vinegar and Essential Oils – In order to make the home smell fresh and clean following using the above formula, it is worth trying adding a small amount of Essential Oils to the solution.
    • Castile Soap and Water – Simply dissolve the soap in warm water. the scents of the soap should add the aroma that you want to the cleanliness that you need.

    Window Cleaning Perth – Committed To Your Service

    At Simply Window Cleaning, family health and safety are a priority. Keep up to date with our blog for useful tips and advice. To use our glass maintenance service, visit our Service Area Page

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