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  • How To Choose A Great Window Cleaner
    20 January
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    How To Choose A Great Window Cleaner

    When considering a window cleaner for your home, is it just a bit of a lottery, or is there an effective way to choose a great window cleaner?

    Why The Need For A Great Window Cleaner?

    There appears to be no doubt that times are changing. In fact, times change regularly…and so do values. Once, crimes that we see today were basically unheard of. However, with the changing times, comes a need for us to change with them. The days of leaving your door open all day seem to be something that belongs to yesteryear. Today, it is far more common to see security doors, double bolted locks, and alarms. The protection of our family and belongings is far more of a pressing issue these days.

    With this in mind, would you trust a window cleaner to be left unattended inside your home whilst you were away? The answer to this is probably no, and with good reason.  Therefore, when we mention a great window cleaner, what we are referring to is not just someone who does a good job, but, rather, someone with both exemplary work, and reputation.

    How To Find A Great Window Cleaner

    So, now that the context of our discussion has broadened to include reputation, you may wonder where cleaners of this sort can be sourced? Basically, there are a couple of pointers that can help you achieve this goal. They are:


    One way to find a great window cleaner is by seeing how others have viewed them. Now, friends and relatives will likely have some suggestions. The advantage of this is that their suggestions will likely be local to you in Perth, and, these referrals come from people you know and trust. However, the disadvantage to using this method is that window cleaning is not something that everyone in Perth necessarily gets done. This means that the playing field for choice will be very limited.

    On the other other hand, using a credible reference site such as ‘Choice’ or ‘Trust Pilot’ can offer different advantages, and disadvantages.

    What advantages would this method allow? Say for instance you decide to consult Trust Pilot before hiring a window cleaner for your home. What factors should you consider?:

    • They are a credible site with a foundation of trust
    • The number of contractors to choose from will likely by large.
    • The number of reviews will also be extensive, allowing for a more thorough decision making process
    • The reviews will likely come from people that we don’t know.

    So, in this example, the first three factors are quite positive. They will help us determine a choice based up on a much wider ‘playing field’. The disadvantage can be seen in the fourth factor. We don’t know the people who have left the review. Are they trustworthy themselves? Do they have a vested interest in leaving their review? Are their circumstances similar to ours?

    Altogether though, using a review based web site can offer more advantages than disadvantages. The beauty of this as well, is that  whether you live in East Victoria Park or Karrinyup, you can find someone local to you, and, you won’t offend anyone if you choose not to use their recommendation! Bear in mind also, that the reviews on this site are just the foundation. In many cases, you can ask questions on top of what is contained on the web site, thereby increasing your peace of mind factor.


    So, how do you choose a great window cleaner? Firstly, recognize that your choice is not just about getting a clean window. You also want someone you can trust. The only way to effectively combine both requirements is by consulting those who have already done what you intend to do.

    Now, you could consult your peers. That is not, in itself a bad thing. However, the choices will be limited, and you could offend someone if you don’t follow through on their suggestions. A better way is by consulting a ‘review based web site’. This will increase your choice, and will keep you in the good books of family and friends.

    Need a great window cleaner? We hope this article helps you do just that!